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1995 993 More on oil leak


Vehicle Information: Year: 1995; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 42,000;

Thank you for the quick response! I have more details to add.I purchased the car in July of 2001.In September I noticed a small amount of smoke coming from over the right rear tire. I took it in and that was the first of the lower valve replacements. The oil was cleaned up, some sort of dye put in ,and the leak was traced. The car was 6 years old and only driven 3000 miles (or less) a year.The valve covers had gotten dry and cracked.On 2/19/02 I took the car in for the 30,000 mile service and my 100th set of window switches(just kidding). Champion noticed a leak (mist) from the lower covers and replaced them under a parts warranty. I rolled along until 8/15/03 when I noticed my oil consumption increasing,but could not see any oil anywhere. My car has the under pan,but originally there was oil on it that I could see.This was the meltdown that I reported on last night.My service consultant thinks that perhaps now it is in the fill tube. Both this occurrence and the last one occurred just after I put oil in the car. I only put in a half quart. No spills,I use a long funnel instead of the hose in the tube. I started the car up later and checked the engine compartment- no spills. By the time I got home from picking my daughter up from school(4 or 5 miles),I was smoking. When I opened the engine compartment,it looked like I had poured the oil directly in the car.On all three occasions,Champion's report states that the engine was cleaned and then the car was re-tested to find the specific location of the leak. I was only charged for the lower gaskets the first time.So far my experience with Champion has been incredible. I even test them periodically to see if they find something I know is broken. They always do. Anything from switches to nails in tires. I am hoping that this is something simple!Keep your fingers crossed. I actually love my '95. Contrary to popular has been incredible to drive and worth the 35 year wait(I was 7 when I saw my first 911). I will keep you posted.Thank you again for all your help!

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