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1995 993 removing rear seat belt bolts


Vehicle Information: Year: 95; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 60000;

I'm installing 6 pt harness in my 993 this weekend for DE, using long shoulder belts connected to eyehooks that replace the back seat belt bolts. The outboard bolts come out easily, but the inboard bolts are more difficult. Besides being torqued in very tightly, the heads are very thin and seem to be really easy to strip with a box wrench or socket. Since I see there's a threaded hole in the middle of the bolt, am I to assume that there's a extractor that screws into the threaded hole and helps keep the tool on the bolt to remove it? Car Prep: StockModifications: Total Mileage: 60000Car Use: Combination Street and Track

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