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1995 993 Rough Idle


Vehicle Information: Model: 993 ; Year: 1995; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 73,756;

A month ago my 993 stopped dead while idling in a parking lot, A few hours later, it started right up and I beat it home. I replaced the fuel filter and part of the fuel line (all OEM parts). Started right up yet at Idle and start up it was jumpy. Took it to my mechanic and they ran several test with the Bosch Hammer and could find no fault. After some under the hood investigation they found a colllapesed vacumn line, replaced it and the car ran better not great, just much better. The next time I went to take it out it was jumpy again, real bad at start ups most embarrasing. Ran it about 6 mile parked it went into a meeting and came out and it ran as smoothe as could be. this has done this for the last 3 times that I've had it out on the road ANY IDEAS.ANY QUESTIONS. Plugs, wires, rotors, caps, air and oil filters all replaced within 600 miles, been running Chevron Techron (2) tanks. There is the odor of unburt fuel. No smoke. The part that thows me is the start up after the car has been run (engine runs rough sluggish start) and then it sits for maybe an hour and everything is fine.

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