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1995 993 Speedometer


Vehicle Information: Year: 1995; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 10,000+;

How do you remove the speedometer? My odometer has quit, per the dealer and Palo Alto Speedometer, a plastic gear has broken. The dealer wants $600 plus for a new speedometer, Palo Alto estimates $150 to replace plastic gear with a metal gear. Appears that speedometer is held in by a rubber O ring, does it just pull out from Dash?. Can it be disconected once it is out of dash? Is there a procedure to follow?Additional information on Basket Handle third brake light. I took delivery of my 993 in March 1995 at the factory. If it had been built 30 days later, it would not have had the basket handle, but the third light would have been installed in the rear window as in the 1996 models. The basket handle was only used on the coupes for part of the year, but was continued on the cabs.Also, recent inquiry as to nitrogen for tires, a couple of years ago, Shell Oil was offering nitrogen for filling tires at several Houston stations. There was a nominal charge, as the old "air" had to be evacuated and then the tires refilled. Many claims made, such as nitrogen was more stable, plus it did not leak or permeate through tires as easily as regular air. Jet aircraft use nitrogen in their tires because it is more stable and less affected by temperature extremes. The Shell program never caught on and was discontinued.

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