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1995 993 Stalling Diagnosis Needed

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Model: 1995 993; Year: 1995; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 65000;

Four times now my car has died while driving with no warning. The car is a 95 993, with about 65000 miles. The DME relay has been replaced, as has the wiring harness. First time, about five miles from home and travelling about 40mph it dies, just like the key was turned off. Running fine, then dead. All of the dash warning lights were on, so I pulled over, popped the engine lid and looked in, expecting to see the alternator belt broken. Not so. I tried to restart it, and it fired right up. Next, as I pull into my parking garage, it does the same thing. No warning, running fine, then dead. Fired right back up when I turn the key. Third time, as I pull into my subdivision, dies the same way. Fourth time, dies the same way as I pull into my parking garage at work. My first thought was the DME relay, but I replaced the 944-part numbered relay with the updated part number years ago. Second thought was the wiring harness, but that was replaced under the recall several years ago. Third thought, alternator, but why would the failure be periodic? On the second, third and forth times, I think depressing the clutch as I was coming to a stop. What say you? Thanks in advance. Car Prep: ModifiedCar Use: Combination Street and TrackTotal Mileage: 65000

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