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1995 993 Stalls intermittently since new


Vehicle Information: Year: 1995; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 79000;

Since new (in fact on first day following delivery of car at the factory in Germany) when slowing down, with clutch in or car in nuetral engine will stall, always able to restart by letting clutch out. Can not relate to fuel, temperature, driving conditions or speed prior to stall or any other factor. Stalling can sometimes be twice in one day, or other times months will pass between incidents. Both dealer and Porsche admit to similar cases, but have never come up with a definitive answer. A few months ago, engine speed sensor failed, and no stalling for a long period following replacement, we thought that had been the culprit, but car has since stalled several more times. Per Porsche representative, there had been several cases like this with same model, but most seem to have gone away, either cars cured themselves or owners gave up getting problem fixed. Porsche has continued to try to fix, and has continued to honor warranty for this problem. Have any other owners reported this problem, have there been any repairs that have actually fixed problem?All maintenance and services have been performed by local dealer, as well as all mileage and annual services.

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