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1995 993 suspension

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Year: 1995; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: app 25000km;

993 suspension issuesI live in, Brazil and own a LHD, 1995, 993 (ROW), acquired in 2000 with some 13.000km on the clock. The car had only one previous owner and was an official import to Brazil by the main OPC, in Sao Paulo. As I know now, it suffered a strong impact to the rear right wheel, which hit a curb on a rainy day. The car was repaired by the local POC, which has informed me that various rear suspension arms were changed and that the car was put back to its original perfect conditions. Since I bought the car I feel it too be a bit too soft on the rear and showing some bump steer. I need to tell you that this is my second 993 (I had one for three years, while living in London, bought new from AFN, and I still have, here in Brazil, another four Porsches, being three 911s (1970T, 1971S, 1975Carrera) and a 1995 968CS. My current 993 is the Porsche I feel less secure driving and less in my hands. It is like driving something with worn shocks! Since I bought this 993 I have already gone through complete revisions of both front and rear suspensions, having changed, in subsequent occasions, the four dampers, the two tie rods and two rear suspension arms that were, for some reason, slightly damaged, being one, the rear right wish bone(!). The height and alignments (rear and front) are perfectly within the specifications and also the kinematic adjustment has been performed using the proper tool. Tires are new (Michelin Pilot Sport) and wheels (17 Cup II) are in good conditions and balanced. All parts replaced are Porsche original parts.And still, the lack of confidence and the bump steer are there! Let me try to describe what is the bump steer I am talking about.If the car is driven on a perfectly surfaced road but with a perpendicular slight depression to it (like caused by the softening of the road bed, under the asphalt layer) the car, once going over the depression, will sway, giving the sensation that one of the rear wheels has fallen into the depression slightly before the other. My other Porsches go over the same depression (close to where I live) and do not show the same reaction. Am I missing something? Is there something I should have done and havent yet? Is it possible that the car has a squareness problem, which for some reason do not show in the alignment equipment? (I have tried various alignment equipments).I do not want to start any upgrade to the rear suspension to correct the softness, I have been told (and now Ive read in one of your answers), is common to other 1995 ROW 993C2 Coupes, before making sure that the car does not have any other major problems, either not possible or too expensive, to be corrected.Are there any special methods for measuring the squareness of the chassis?

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