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1995 993 Tip, Engine Smoke at 39k miles


Vehicle Information: Year: 1995; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 39,000;

First of all, thank you for your continued support. I have learned so much from reading you responses to other Porsche drivers. I had a strange thing happen today, for the first time. I use my car as a daily driver. I live in the city and I am plagued with short trip/high traffic driving. I took the car out this morning and when I went to leave the house again a few hours later a cloud of blue smoke came out of the exhaust when I turned the car over. I have owned the car nearly three years. It is serviced by Champion Motors in Pompano,Fl. I change the oil every 4-5000 miles and do all of the regular maintenance. I would also be interested in knowing if Tiptronic cars are as prone to the valve guide problem as those with standard transmissions?Thanks again for your help!

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