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1995 993 won't come out of gear sometimes

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1995; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 100,000;

This problem has been addressed previously, and I have very similar symptoms. When coming to a stop, I press in the clutch, but I cannot move the gear lever out of gear and into neutral. In previous posts, you mentioned the clutch, but I don't think it's the clutch for two reasons: first, it only sticks in gear when coming to a stop (e.g. my foot on the brake). Upshifting is fine, no problems at all. Second, when I press the clutch when coming to a stop, the revs drop to idle revs, just like they should. This tells me that the clutch is disengaging as it should. If the clutch were sticking, the revs would stay high, matching the speed I am driving. Also, I can come to a complete stop with the gear lever in gear, and my foot on the clutch, and the car does not stall. If the clutch were sticking, the car would stall at this point, but it happily idles just like it should. As soon as the car comes to a complete stop, the gear lever slides out of gear and into neutral without sticking at all.I had the clutch replaced about 50,000 miles ago (yes, I know it's possible it's worn out). Shortly after it was replaced, I had the same symptoms. Knowing I had a new clutch, I examined the linkage and tranny mount points. Some of bolts near the tranny mount were slightly loose. I tightened them up, and the problem was resolved. 50,000 miles later, the problem has returned. I checked the tranny mounts, and they are still tight. I have the RS motor mounts, and they appear to be fine as well.My current hypothesis is that there is something else that's loose (perhaps the transmission mount?), and when the car is decelerating, the transmission moves forward some small amount, and that is causing the linkage to become misaligned. How much would the tranny have to shift to cause the linkage to bind like this? The other possibility is something in the shifter linkage is loose. I have a short shift kit in the car, which has been fine for many, many years, but it is possible something in it is worn. Oh, I also have an Andial mid-weight flywheel.What else can I look for?Car Use: Combination Street and TrackModifications: chip, short shift kit, mid-weight flywheelTotal Mileage: 100,000

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