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1996 993 911 Secondary Air Injection System


Vehicle Information: Model: 993 911; Year: 1996; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 79,000;

I recently took my 911 into a dealer in NorCal to get a "check engine" light turned off. After they ran the diagnostics on it, they said the light had to do with the secondary air injection system (Code 208 - Cylinder 4-6). Something about the valves are more than likely plugged up with carbon. I am the second owner of the car and have put on approx 12000 miles in the last 3 years. At least 90% of those miles were freeway (hard driven) miles. The service tech said that the previous owner had probably driven the car in a lot of "stop and go" traffic situations which may have caused an excessive build up of carbon in the exhaust chamber and valves.The service manager said that this will not cause a performance issue but that I will not be able to get it smogged in CA anymore without getting the issue resolved. The solution, they explained to me will cost somewhere around $10,000-12,000 and takes about 4-5 weeks. He said they have to take the whole upper half of the engine off, put new valves in and soak the intake system to remove all the carbon deposits.This blew me away. Are you familiar with this issue?? Do you have any brighter, less painful suggestions for me??I have been told about a product that Lubrol Moly puts out specifically for european cars that is their "Ventil Sauber" (valve clean)product. It is supposed to help clean the intake valves clean and free of carbon deposits.Is this something you recommend I try, and if so, what is the normal usage of it for my specific car?Have you had any positive experience with this product before?If it truly won't pass smog, I will need to sell it out of state or out of the country I am told. Not what I am wanting to do but probably my only options at this point.Looking forward to your help and suggestions.

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