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1996 993 Alignment of Convertible Top


Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1996; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 48000;

I experienced problems to close the convertible top. I needed to push the last 2 cm to lock it and when I opened it again it showed resistance. I turned the 19mm Hex bolts to put it into manual mode and it works fine in this mode and the locking motors and latches work fine too on both sides.I focused my further investigation of the problem on the rear part of the top (gearbox, cable, motor). I removed the side panels and the rear cover to have access to all components.In the next step, I removed both 19mm hex bolts entirely to have access to the rotating slotted center piece of the gearbox that moves the top arm. I operated the top switch and the center piece on the driver side rotated and on the passenger side it did not. Based on this result I continued my further analysis on the passenger side to find out why the center piece is not rotating.I operated the top switch again and the cable that connects motor and gearbox on the passenger side was vibrating when I touched it. From this I concluded that the motor should be ok because it rotated the shaft in the cable. The center piece in the gearbox that did not move when operating the switch could not be moved by hand. I concluded that the gearbox is not completely shot and ended up with the cable as the broken part. I assume that the rotation motion is not transferred to the gearbox. I will order a replacement cable and will replace it, hoping that the gearbox is ok.I think after replacing the cable I need to align the slotted parts at each side of the gearbox with the matching part in the main arm when the roof is closed. I should be able to position each side individually with the cable from the other side disconnected at the motor. Finally, I would tighten the 19mm hex bolts again.After this very long story I would like to know if you have any guidance on the alignment because this is how I figured out the system should work. A copy of the workshop manual would be great.Thanks,Erik

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