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1996 993 C2 Check engine light - Random misfire


Vehicle Information: Year: 1996; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 36,500;

I recently purchased a 1996 993 C2. Before I made the purchase I had a PPI done at the local dealer and everything checked out great. I drove the car about 300 miles home. The car was due for a 30,000 service, smog check and needed the wiring harness recall performed. I had an independent shop perform the service and the smog. They were not able to get it to pass smog even after replacing an oxygen sensor and spending time checking wiring connections. The night I picked up the car from them the check engine light came on. I then had the dealer perform the wiring harness recall and they were able to get it to pass the smog after taking it through the readiness drive. The only codes the car had were random misfires. Shortly after I picked up the car from the dealer the check engine light came on again. The dealer again said random misfires and recommend new distributor caps and rotors. This still did not correct the problem. The independent shop checked the plugs they had installed and then recommended replacement of both coil wires and plug wire ends due to arching at the distributor. This still did not correct the problem. The dealer is now recommending new spark plug wires. This is an expensive solution and seems to be only a potential fix.The check engine light generally comes on in 3rd or 4th at about 4-4,500 rpms. It will turn itself off occasionally after sitting a day or two and then soon come back on as described above. I am not sure I would describe the idle as rough but it does idle more smoothly with the A/C on. The independent shop also mentioned the computer reported an instance of 10,000 rpms. Obviously this is not possible. Both the dealer and independent shop say the car runs great and it isnt damaging anything but having just purchased the car I am very frustrated and want to get this taken care off.I am stumped as to what to do and both shops seems to be unsure as well. Would you recommend the new spark plug wires or another course of action?Could the problem be with the computer?

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