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1996 993 C2 Short shifter sticks out the bottom

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Year: 1996; Body Type: Coupe;

993 Short shifter question: I have a 1996 993 C2 coupe and over the weekend I installed a Euro RS short shift lever and fork. The installation went well and it certainly shortens the throw, although I am concerned about the fact that the ball and socket pivot point at the bottom of the shift lever now project below the long central cover under the car I can cut a rectangular slot in the cover but the pivot point will then only be protected by the rubber boot that covers the joint. The shift lever now being the lowest point under the car seems to me very vulnerable for road use. Even thought it is only 3/4" or so below the level of the cover, were it to hit something a lot of damage would certainly be done.My question then is if there is a standard way of dealing with this situation? I can probably have a cover fabricated out of steel that would cover the slot in the pan and I have given some thought to what it would need to look like to offer any real protection. I just thought that before I did that it might be good to learn what you would suggest, or find out how other people dealt with this issue.

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