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1996 993 C4S Right height front/rear bias

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Model: 993 C4S; Year: 1996; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 112,000 Km;

Joel, Haven't spoken in a while - I trust everything is well with you. Just wanted to throw out a question that perhaps you can help clarify. I installed PSS9's on my car (they're incredible BTW) and had the car height adjusted and alignment done. I didn't do corner balancing (perhaps a bit of a risk) but the car worked flawlessly at Mosport - what a difference :)Anyway, the question I have is to clarify a point that has come for me a couple of times and has to do with the ride height difference between the front and rear. So, corner balancing notwithstanding (please bear with me :) ), reading's DIY re: suspension it says the following:"As a rule of thumb, the front fender height should be about HIGHER than the rear fender height to achieve the desired 1 degree downslope (yes, that sentence is correct. )."Now, when my p-car mechanic did the height adjustment and alignment (he's been working on p-car's for most of his life), he said that he set the front height a little LOWER than the rear (now, keep in mind I have track driven this car and the handling was outstanding - more neutral than I've ever felt it). When I questioned him on it he said that ALL p-cars have the front a little lower than the rear - one degree to be more specific. This is the opposite of what it says in the DIY - which is correct? Just curious and thanks very much.Regards,-- Enrico

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