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1996 993 Cabrio Oil leaks - valve cover


Vehicle Information: Year: 1996; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 20,000;

I have read through other posts about oil leaks and I still have a couple of questions.First some background - I noticed smoking on the left side of the car. Removed the engine tray and noticed the leak seemed to be coming from the left lower valve cover. Determined this by feeling around and noticed that's where oil was collecting and dripping on heat exhanger.Recently had the oil changed by dealer as part of 15,000 mile check up. They added 11 quarts of oil. This seemed like a lot to me. Could this have caused the leak?Secondly, the replacing of the lower gaskets and/or cover if necessary seems straight forward. Does replacement of the upper covers require dropping the engine? Any advice you could give on this would be appreciated.Lastly, I have seen alum. billet covers advertised. Do you have any experience with these? Are they worth the money? Would there be a problem with putting these on the lowers only?Thanks for you help with this situation.

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