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1996 993 Carrera 4S SAI - removing the check valve


Vehicle Information: Model: 993 Carrera 4S; Year: 1996; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 95000 Km;

Joel, I'm working on cleaning the secondary intake as per the instructions found on ( I have managed to remove the heat exchangers (and the exhaust to change my spark plugs while I'm at it), and I've turned my attention to removing the check valve. The air box is off, I ground a 24mm crowfoot wrench to 27mm and shaved it down so it fit under the check valve. I managed to turn the check valve a little (with a big creak), and now the crowfoot wrench won't fit in there for another turn (it's requiring Herculean effort to turn...). I reviewed the p-car DIY posting and there was an addendum to the post where someone said that it would be easier to spend 10 minutes removing the "plastic intake manifold by loosing the six screw straps on the manifold at the intake ports (three), removed the electric connector on the air box (two 10MM screws, one longer than the other) and loosened the two screw straps which are located below the throttle body on the other side of the intake manifold. Finally one of the thin vacuum hoses (1/16 in.) must be removed from the X shaped female end rubber fitting to remove the manifold by lifting up and back.". Perhaps I don't know the parts well enough, but the manifold I have is as shown in Photo 6 or Photo 11 of Rob Kwate's DIY, and it's not plastic. Also, it would seem that to remove that big aluminum thingy (the manifold) I would have to remove clamps on both sides of the manifold and also remove the air pump for the heat exchanger, etc. Is there something missing in the description or is it possible that that person's intake manifold is different (his is a '95 Cab - mine is a '96 C4S)? Any help would be appreciated. I'm looking for any way to get more space to work, the crowfoot wrench can't be reset in the space available, and I am risking damaging the chrome looking pipe shown in the DIY next to the check valve.

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