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1996 993 check engine light -- belts/pullies?


Vehicle Information: Year: 1996; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 50400;

thanks for all your great help.recently I drove my 96 carrera up to marine county - beautiful drive and the car was great!nevertheless my check engine light came on so I stopped at a local porsche dealer and they diagnosed it as "misfiring" which of course did not really happen since the car was really running great. the mechanic told me that the cars computer is really sensitive and it might as well just be a pully that's a little out of whack. he reset the light and now it only comes on occassionally and goes away usually after a day or 2. the car still runs great!he suggested that I simply change all the pullies and belts which I thought after 50k miles is something I should be doing my question: would you recommend upgrading to the euro RS single belt pulley - and if yes what advantages would that have and would it be complicated/expensive to get those parts? should I go through an official porsche center for the "surgery" or can I go to another place in the LA area - any recommendations? thanks a millionbest regards

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