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1996 993 cleaning SAI ports


Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1996; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 40000;

I have been corresponding with some guys on Rennlist about cleaning the SAI ports. As you know, I plugged the SAI ports themselves with chewing gum. I thought about using those black rubber stoppers, but was concerned first with getting them up into the SAI port and second with getting them out. One of the guys on Rennlist used much larger rubber stoppers and plugged the exhaust port instead. What are your thoughts about this? My concern is that, if I remember correctly, no matter where in the revolution the engine stops, at least one exhaust valve will be open. Is it possible that the cylinder with the open exhaust valve could fill up with Techron and/or carb cleaner? Am I over-thinking this, or is it a legitimate concern? My gut feeling is that it would be better to get long rubber stoppers and plug the SAI port itself. I think if the rubber stopper is long enough, enough of the stopper would stick out of the port so that one could grab onto it with needle nosed pliers and remove it. If you think it's best to plug the SAI port itself, do you know the diameter of the port so that I can buy some rubber stoppers to fit them.Thanks for all your help. You do a tremendous service for all of us. Take care, Rob.

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