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1996 993 Clutch chatter engaging 1st and Reverse

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Year: 1996; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 25000;

Bought a 96 coupe about a month (and 1,000 miles) ago. Had it PPI'd by PowerTech and they didn't indicate any clutch issues. However, I'm noticing a couple of things that I'm concerned could be a worn clutch and/or clutch slave. First, when engaging 1st or reverse, there appears to be a slight but noticeable chatter when the clutch begins to catch. Second, the pedal doesn't seem to travel smoothly - this is most noticeable also when engaging 1st or reverse because that's when releasing the clutch is the most gradual. And when the car is in neutral and I engage and disengage the clutch, I hear a slight noise like a spring popping.As a side note, I had the 30k service done recently by a dealership and also had them bleed the hydraulics and change the gearbox oil. Also wanted to mention that the clutch seems to catch at a normal level - not too high.Sound like a worn clutch or flywheel? Need to replace the clutch slave? Thanks.Car Prep: StockTotal Mileage: 25000Car Use: Street use only

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