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1996 993 Clutch Replacement without removing the engine

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Year: all; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 98,000;

Per your instructions to remove and replace the clutch on a 993. When mine was done by Advantage Porsche here in Houston at 98,000 miles, they did it without removing the engine. Per service manager only the transmission was removed. As my engine has a couple of minor oil leaks (seepage at chain cover seal), that will require removal to correct, and I thought all of that could be done when clutch was replaced and this option was discussed with service department, but without need to remove engine, not worth additional cost to fix leaks at this time.Therefore there may be a method of not having all the extra labor to remove engine when the clutch is replaced. You are right as to longevity of clutch, service department gave me the old parts back, probably still had 5 to 10,000 miles left. Most of my miles are from Houston city traffic and I do not "baby" the car.Further comment, I have completed frame off restorations on three Triumphs over the years. Assuming that the Porsche transmission bolts to the engine in a similar manor. One of my methods to align transmission for reinstallation is to temporarily insert a couple of long studs at top of the engine plate in place of transmission to engine bolts. This allows you to slip transmission onto those studs and they will allow you to align transmission while holding the weight of the transmission, once in place you then install other bolts and swap out the studs. Almost better than having a helper, as you do not have to coordinate with the helper, you just do it yourself.I appreciate your help and comments to the various technical questions. Sure hope that some of those who ask, know that they can be getting in over their heads and that the expense of a knowledgeable mechanic can be worth the money.

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