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1996 993 Dreaded check engine light


Vehicle Information: Year: 1996; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 79900;

I wrote to you earlier in the year about this, and it seems that the topic is unfortunately becoming increasingly popular. Now that I'm at the point of needing an emissions check (OH), I'm going to try to get the secondary cleaned to see if the CEL will go off. I read Rob's post on 10/10, and am encouraged at seeing an "easier" procedure. Can you elaborate on the process he did, and suggest a a diagram that would illustrate the area/process? Also, Bruce Anderson mentioned in Excellence (12/04) that feeding Techron through a vacuum line into the induction system may help. Thoughts?After being a 6-car owner and PCA member for 17 years, and being a huge supporter of the marque and PCA, I'm getting a little disgusted with Porsche's ambivalence towards this problem, especially since this is becoming to look like a certainty for 993's. I think one of the problems with our society is our litigious nature, but I'm sure going to consider joining a class-action suit, should somebody start one.As always, your insight on all matters Porsche sure makes a great read!regardsBody Type: CabrioletCar Prep: StockModifications: motosoundTotal Mileage: 79900Car Use: Street use only

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