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1996 993 ECU Issues

Electrical and Electronic

The check engine light has illuminated on my recently purchased 1996 993.  After scanning the car, my mechanic said it shows multiple faults including knock sensors and 02 sensors (all of them).   He also said car runs rich.  Car starts and seems to run great with no noticeable performance issues.  When mechanic removed ECU he noticed that someone had written “runs rich” and that the ECU was “shot”.  With a new ECU running $2400 (dealer quoted price) we decided to explore other options, which brings me to my questions…

Can a working used ECU, provided it is the same part number (99361860400), be simply swapped with my ECU?  One local Porsche service department said it can, another said it can not.

Does a “used” ECU need to be coded to work with my car?  If so, neither local Porsche dealer service departments claim to know how to do it.

Can my existing ECU be repaired?  I’ve seen ads in Pano for companies that repair ECU’s.

What’s the chance the ECU is fine and my car really has 10+ faults?

Thanks for your help.

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