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1996 993 oil leak


Vehicle Information: Year: 1996; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 33800;

I have recently purchased my 96 993. When I first got it I noticed that the engine oil gauge was at it's lowest point. I proceeded to check the oil level by the stick and by the manuals recommended way. The oil was only at the base of the twisted point on the stick. I then added one quart of Mobil 1 15w40 as this was the only weight available at the time. When I checked the oil again the level was at the top of the twist and a touch past it. That was about 800 miles ago. I have checked the level since and found it to be within the twist area of the stick. The oil level gauge came up somewhat but never out of the red area. Today I noticed an oil spot on the garage floor under the center of the engine. The bottom of the engine cover pan was somewhat wet with oil. When I first bought the car I had it on a lift to change the rear tires and was able to inspect the bottom of the car. At the time the engine oil cover pan was quite dry. What do you think could have brought on this oil leak? Was it from adding too much oil? Was it from adding a different grade of oil? I see you are recommending Mobil-1 0W 40. I will be putting this car a way for the winter. I tend to drive this car hard but only after it is warmed up fully. Should I remove the engine cover pan? Should I have the oil changed and what type and weight oil should I have then use? Should I get this car into the shop immediatly to have the source of this leak identified?Thanks for you answers

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