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1996 993 Oil/Cooling Fan/Sun Roof Documentation


Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1996; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 80,000;

Joel:I actually have three (3) questions, two that may belong in different sections, but I thought I would start here:#1. OIL - I have been using 15/50 changing every 7,000. Recently, I thought I read that "0-40" is being recommended? Also, I have not heard any chatter re: 15,000 extended life.#2. FAN - Recently, I noticed that after a drive when I jump out of my car I do NOT hear the cooling fan running (I am certain this used to be the case cuz, as a newbee, I wondered if my battery was going to go). The only changes that could be relevant are: I have removed factory trunk deck ands replaced wit Turb tail (better cooling), and it is winter here (although central coast CA)? Any thoughts on where to begin?#3. Sunroof - I am preparing to paint my car this spring. In doing so I was researching the sunroof seal, R&R etc.. The factory Porsche manual (Volume 5 - body - in the table of contents has "sunroof - 60", but then there is no documentaion about the sunroof at all! Any I deas on this?Thanks for you anticipated help!

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