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1996 993 Pulling OBDII Codes


Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1996; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 79500;

What is the method for "triggering" the MIL codes and reporting them via the "Check Engine" lamp? The 993 service manual Diagnosis section describes a procedure for depressing the gas pedal w/ engine off and then releasing to get the codes to flash; however, I'm not having any success. With my other (non Porsche) OBDII equipped vehicles I can get the MIL to flash the top-level codes stored (such as emissions related faults) by applying jumpers to complete a ground circuit in the diagnosis socket. I would like to check the codes from my 993 to verify whether or not my check engine lamp is for the SAI fault or not. I expect this to be the case, based on my mileage. If I can determine on my own, then I'll likely perform the clean-out procedure, too. Oil consumption is not an issue at this point, so I'd prefer to avoid the costly valve job.I also prefer to know what's wrong with my car before I pay someone else to tell me!Region: DiabloTotal Mileage: 79500Car Use: Street use only

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