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1996 993 Shifting at 45k miles

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1996; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 45,000;

My wife and I purchased this 993 in December and have only put a little over a thousand miles on it. A shifting problem started a few weeks ago. When trying to shift into reverse to back out of the garage, the transmission sometimes seems to be in neutral and won't go into gear until I reshift and there is a clunking or bumping noise from under the floorboard. This also happened once when trying to shift into first and it seems to occur mainly when the car hasn't been driven for a number of days. A Porsche dealer checked the linkage and didn't think that was causing the problem and then said the clutch needed to be replaced. I took the car to a reputable independent shop but couldn't replicate the shifting problem. The shop said play in the shifter and a rattling noise when the engine is shut off indicated the clutch was worn but it didn't necessarily have to be replaced. They then checked the linkage and said it was satisfactory and subsequently advised that replacing the clutch would fix the shifting problem. Based on the dealer and independent advice, we decided to proceed. When the work was in progress, a decision was made to install an RS flywheel. Now much to our dismay after having spent over $3700, the shifting problem is still there. Also, there's a noise in neutral, first, and second gears when the clutch is released that sounds somewhat like a vibration. Research we've done indicates this is gear noise associated with the RS flywheel and nothing to be concerned about. (1) Do you have any input on gear noise associated with the RS flywheel and (2) do you have any idea what is causing the shifting problem?

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