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1996 993 shifting/clutch, won't come out of gear sometimes

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 (993) C2; Year: 1996; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 44,000;

I purchased this car used (from a dealer) at 43,000 miles and have consistently encountered the following problem: when decelerating (such as approaching a stop sign), with the clutch fully depressed, the car sticks in gear (especially second gear). If I release and depress the clutch again, it will move out of gear smoothly. If I open the throttle slightly, it will also move out of gear smoothly.In all cases, it feels as if the clutch is not fully disengaging when the pedal is first depressed. Further, this appears to only happen when the car is hot. I have never encountered the problem when the car is cold. I took it to my local dealer (not the dealer from which I purchased the car) and informed them of the problem. They said that after repeated driving, they could not duplicate the problem and that they believed nothing to be wrong with the clutch, transmission, etc. However, it the problem still occurs consistently under the conditions I mentioned above. Also, on occasion, after being parked on a hill with the parking brake fully engaged, the car will not come out of gear without significant force applied to the gear shift lever, no matter how many times I engage or release the clutch. In addition to being an annoyance, I'm concerned about transmission damage, etc., since this condition clearly isn't right. Is it time for a clutch replacement? Though I don't know the car's history, I would think replacement to be premature at 44,000 miles. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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