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1996 993 Trickle Charger / Add'l Safety Concern

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Vehicle Information: Model: 911/993; Year: 1996; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 72,000;

Joel,I was reading a few tech excerpts regarding "trickle" chargers for the 993 model year 911. I purchased a charger from a NorCal Porsche dealer a while back and am not sure if it is considered a "trickle charger" or another type of charger and if it is the right thing for my application.It states it is a Class 2 charger Charge-O-Mat and is Porsche OEM. I believe it was around $60. It has a transformer you plug into 110 and the other end is just a basic cigarette lighter plug in. The reason I got it is because I only drive my 993 during dry weather and noticed over the past couple of years that the battery had been going down when I didn't drive it weekly and it seemed to drain quicker during colder weather periods. When I first plug the charger into 110, the transformer lights up a red light. The light seems to go out after a short period. Is this normal? Should the red light go out after a while if the battery is fully charged or should the light stay on as long as the transformer is plugged into the outlet?The other concern I have is regarding a prior excerpt about charging safety.When not being driven, my 993 stays in a good sized detached garage under a car cover. The garage's only ventilation is from a couple of foundation vents along the bottom of the side garage walls and from the gaps around the garage door opening. The garage door or man door may only get opened once a week at times or it could be longer. Does this pose the same type of safety threat as you described in a member email on 12/18/08??Thanks for all your help and direction Joel.Best, Mark

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