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1996 993TT Blue smoke and valve guide wear


Vehicle Information: Year: 1996; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 57000;

Let me begin by saying your website is great and the Q&A section is top notch.I recently bought a 993TT with 55,000 miles - no engine rebuild (yet!). I had a dealer do the pre-buyer check as well as compression test - all were good.I had the 60K service done immediately by a dealer in one state, then moved to another state and within about 1,000 miles started getting some blue smoke at start-up. The CEL is now on. The dealer in my current state says that the oil was over-filled and that some oil made it into the intake. "The car is now simply trying to burn the excess off, which could take some time and miles." Is this potentially correct and/or logical?Part 2 of my question is the valve guide wear issue. Based on mileage, I'm staring down a top end re-build. I understand the problem from all of your write-ups, but how will I know when it's time - other than oil consumption? Will there be any audible noise, visible exhaust, poor throttle response, etc.?One final odd question is about driving frequency. I'm on out of town most weeks and don't get to drive the car but on weekends. I try to drive it on longer routes and not start/stop or stop/go conditions. It's not a daily commuter. As dumb as it may sound, how do 911s/993s "like" to be driven? I've owned a 944, a Boxster S and several BMWs, but the 911 is idiosyncratic to say the least.Again, thanks for your time and the great info you provide.

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