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1996 993tt Emissions and Catalytic Converters


Vehicle Information: Year: 1996; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.6; Total Mileage: 29995;

I recently failed emissions and was advised by my local shop that they think it is due to an altered catalytic converter. (I recently purchased the car, so I can not vouch for it.) I failed 2 of the 3 tests (CO% and NO ppm tests). My question is two-fold, one if I purchase a high-flow catalytic converter is it likely to bring me into accordance with the law? Here is a bit more information that may help in answering my question. In Virginia, the limit for CO% is .42 and my reading was .54 and the limit for NO ppm is 605, my reading was 1179. Those were both taken at 15mph. The numbers at 25mph were slightly better. If a high-flow cat would work for me, what is the likelihood that it will go south from burning oil on a regular basis. I think I have what has been characterized in previous posts as "normal" for a turbo, although I am still troubleshooting. It tends to smoke for a minute or so after sitting overnight. I haven't seen smoke after having run the car, nor do I see it if I shut the car off and restart it without it sitting over night. Thoughts? Many thanks for you guidance...

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