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1996 C4S tire wear

Wheels and Tires

Vehicle Information: Year: 1996; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 54,000;

I am going through rear tires like water through a tap. After buying the car 19 months ago, I installed new P-Zeros (N2) to match the fronts. I got about 4000 miles on these. I replaced these in January 2003 with S-02s all the way around. My rears have 3700 miles on them and are more than 3/4 gone.This is my daily driver; work and back, errands, etc. I drive it fast and hard when I can, but lets face it, I live in LA so there is alot of going nowhere fast. I do not track the car. I do not abuse it all. I like to drive the twisties fast, but I am not a maniac.I would just like to get a year's worth of driving on a set of rears (285/30 ZR-18). Is there some suspension setting that I should be looking at that maybe the previous owner changed?? My tired dealer (Wheel Enhancement of Culver City) says the wear is good and even across both tires, and that things do not look out of align or odd.Thanks very much for any/all advice.Joe Shubitowski

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