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1997-1998 993 models


Vehicle Information: Year: 97-98; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 55000;

After owning a 94 BMW 325is for the past 8 years with 100,000 miles, I have decided to switch to a "higher" level of of driving experience. After joining the PCA as a Test Drive member for the past 2 months while researching the used 911 models hx, I have decided on late 993 coupe models ( 97-98). As I tried to read most of the previous Tech Q and As regarding the 993 issues (the various past questions and answers were all very informative and helpful), I still have 2 basic questions. First, is motor oil usage/leakage issues where I have to check the oil gauge and/dip stick on a reguarly basis something to expect even on these late model 993s? How commom does it happen to the late 993 models in your opinion? ( rare, sometimes, frequent, most, always, or depends?) I understands when the above isses happened, it is just a sign of a host of potiential problems and possible $$ repairs. Is it something that I may just have to expect from owning a used 911 like the previous older models? Second, regarding the valve guide problems, is this problem that is something to expect to happened to the older 993s as it entered 80,000 to 100,000 miles? or more often as the car aged or increased miles( or hope it would not happened till then) Or is this issue just happened to some 993s? ( I have personaaly came across a 97 cab who developed this problem with just 31000 miles) Currently, I have test drove 4-993s and 1-996 ( 99 yr), and is narrowing in at a 97 coupe with factory sport chasis with 55000 miles. Apparently, it was an one owner car for most of its hx, most services hx check out at the local dealer service dept. It was a lease returned, and it has been sitting the private used car retail store showroom for the past 7 months. Another potiental buyer had the car checked with a PPI at Callas Rennsport shop in Torrance area. I saw a copy a finding, brake fluid dirty ( was changed at 30,000 service), need major service due, minor wears noted for a 7 yrs old car, parts of body panel had been repainted, but no suspension, body frame or structural damage or repair sign noted. I was able to track down to one accident hx around 48,000 miles, called the original insurance Co with claim #, and was only given the info of sole party involvement with insurance co paid out about $500, not counting the deductables. And at 49,000 miles, 4 wheel alignment was done. I have to try to call the original owner 3 times with messages left. But he is not returning my call. Thus, I am left with with the decision of weither to continuing interest on this car or let it pass. If I am still interested, I am thinking to take it to Beverly Hills Porsche dealer service dept for another PPI ( I have meet and spoke with one of their service rep twice who had had been very helpful and patience with me), and may even have a body shop check.I plan to use the future 993 as a daily driver, putting in about 10.000 miles per yr, with half of those miles in traffic ( 2 to 3 gear speed). And I usually try to take care of my car for a long time, including regular schedule service and oil and filter change at 7500 miles interval. And for the late 993 models, assuming good maintence hx, will the engine last up to 200,000 or 250,000 miles or even higher?Thus, given the above info and questions, what are your opinion?

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