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1997 993 6 CD changer- answers

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Vehicle Information: Year: 1997; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 20,000;

A few weeks ago I asked you a question about the late model 911 (993) 6 CD changer and the problem that I had with mine (dealer installed in January) that would skip at the least bump. I wanted to give you some follow-up on this.I pulled the unit from the car and brought it to the office. My plan was to send it out for repair and alignment, even though it was only 2 mos old, thinking that there is no way this unit should skip so badly without there being something wrong. The 6 CD changer is manufactured by Becker and I noticed that it had, on each end, a small dial, about the size of a quarter, with an arrow on the dial. Both these dials arrow's were rotatable and were aligned, with the 6 CD changer installed, at the 3:00 position.I had a hunch, so I called the Becker factory service center in NJ. I spoke to a very helpful tech there, who pulled the service manual on this unit (Porsche p/n 993-645-130-00 or Becker #CDC101, I think). He also pulled a new unit out of the box and looked at it. He said that the arrows on the two dials should both be pointing towards the 12:00 position, if the unit was vertically mounted. As installed by the dealer, the CD changer's alignment and internal suspension was adjusted to dampen the forces as if the unit was mounted horizontally, not vertically.So, after making this cahnage and test driving the car, the CD changer works great - no skipping at all.Thought this might help someone else.

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