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1997 993 C2 Tire Size for Track

Wheels and Tires

Vehicle Information: Model: 993 C2; Year: 1997; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 12000;

Joel,First my hat is off to you as the busiest person on the Tech Q&A by number of questions!!!This is a follow-up to some previous questions on wheel camber and a new one on track tire type and size. Have had my car lowered to RS spec with PSS9s and a neg 1.5 deg. camber on all four wheels. The car is still wonderful on the road from a handling perspective (doesn't steer me at all) and I just ran an autocross to get a feel for the suspension before going to speed on a track. The ONLY cars that were beating me were running slicks and were highly modified...although I was the only Porsche!!! I only had Conti contact sport 2's but the suspenion difference was remarkable. More than one driver asked what tire I was using...and nearly choked when they saw they regualr street tires. The neg. 1.5 is currently being dictated by tire wear on the street so I can see what happens. I am now ready to bring a set of track wheels and tires into the picture so my question is what do you recommend? I am looking at the following:Hoozier R6Yokohama Advan A048MPCSAlso I want to put as much rubber on the road as possible and will have 8" and 10" (X18) wheels. From the Tirerack specs it looks like I can go as high as 235/40/18 on the front and 295/30/18 on the rear for those rim widths. It looks like the 225,235/40 - 285,295/30 will all keep within 2.5% of circumference no matter the combo. Only the Hoosier doesn't come in a 235/40/18. Also I have seen some negative comments on running Hoosiers on a 3000 lbs vehicle, is there anything to this?Lastly, does tire shaving make any sense from a wear perspective over the long term? Does it actually help lengthen the life of a track tire if it is used solely for the track.Once again thanks for all your great help!!!Dave

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