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1997 993 Cab Top - ADDITIONAL INFO


Vehicle Information: Year: 97; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 60000;

About 3 times over the last several months my top will not function. Twice the top was up and set in its normal position. Then when I pushed the button to open the top nothing happened. On one of those occasions I had just returned with the top down. I put the top up upon returning to the garage. About 15 mins later I was going out again and tried to put the top down. I could hear a slight clicking, it did not seen that the motor was running and the top did not move. In both cases some time later the top was fully operational. The last time I experienced a problem the top began to retract back and stopped after moving about an inch, just above the windshield. After a couple hours it again was fully operational. Having had this problem happen only three times I have not been able to isolate it or determine any similar characteristics which could be causing it. It has never happened, so far, that the top was down and would not go up. Only the opposite. My only thought was heat. It may be effected by heat and then will work again when it cools down. Any suggestions.Thanks for any comments

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