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1997 993 camber for track use

Wheels and Tires

Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 97; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 50,000;

Over the last two years, my 993 coupe has gradually become a dedicated DE and time trial car with excellent neutral handling. I have PSS-9 coilovers (full stiff), adjustable antiroll bars (full soft in front to fix the factory understeer, medium in rear), lowered to RS spec, corner weighted, race pads, Toyo RA1 tires (205/50R17, 255/40R17), camber (-2.5 front, -3 rear), slight toe-out 1/8 inch in front.As I've gotten faster, the tires would wear on the outside, and I would add negative camber. After each adjustment, the first set of tires would wear evenly, the second set would wear on the outside, and I would add more negative camber when it was time for new tires.This process has taken me from (0 front, -1 rear) to (-1 front, -2 rear), to (-2 front, -3 rear) to (-2.5 front to -3 rear). Prior to the last adjustment, I had -2 front, -3 rear with extreme outside wear in the front and even wear in the rear. After changing to -2.5 front and leaving the rear at -3, the front wore perfectly evenly and the rear started wearing evenly on the inside 2/3s (inner two tread blocks) of the tread with reduced wear out to the shoulder (outer tread block). For the near term, I'm remounting and reversing the tires to even out the wear.My question is what's happening? Why would a camber change to the front cause a noticeable change to the wear in the rear? Any recommendation?As a side note, the tire temp and pressure are within the Toyo guidelines and the tire surface texture shows the entire tire surface is hot and grippy.Many thanks for the excellent advice in the tech area.

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