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1997 993 Coupe - RS LightWeight Clutch & go for it or not?

Transmission and Clutch

Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1997; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 58000;

I am due for a clutch replacement and after reading the many exchanges on the Tech section, had sort of made up my mind to go with the light weight clutch and flywheel setup. In fact, if memory serves, I think you made the switch yourself. (please correct me if Im wrong on that).When I called Ottos of Venice CA, however to schedule the upgrade, they went to considerable length to disuade me from doing so, suggesting that the LW system is so noisy that it would have my P Car sounding like an old truck diesel at lower RPM. They further cited a recent clients experience who had the RS system installed only to return the next day, begging that it be removed and replaced with an OEM. Clearly not an attractive picture let alone the costs involved.I appreciate that there may be a number of variables here, not the least the tastes of the client who had the change effected and his tollerance for certain sounds. At the same time I have not noted a string of PCAer comments admonishing the swap....and its usually the malcontents who do the writing.I would be grateful for your views on whether the comments of Ottos are accurate and if there are other downsides that they have not mentioned. One other small point is whether or not the spring rate on the RS clutch setup is harder than the OEM. My wife laments the fact that the current setup is punishing when stuck in stop and go traffic so dont want to push the envelope in the wrong direction :-)Many thanks in advance for your help

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