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1997 993 engine oil level gauge

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Vehicle Information: Year: 1997; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 21,000;

My car is a 1997 993 C2 with 20,000 miles that I bought this past spring from the Porsche dealer in Buffalo. The engine oil and filters were changed (Mobil 1) this past spring and I have checked the oil dipstick level on a regular basis. The dipstick is checked per the manual at idle for a minute or two, flat surface, engine hot and has read full since the oil and filters were changed 3,000 miles ago. If the engine uses any oil it isn't noticeable. No drips or leaks of any kind - dry as a bone underneath.So my question involves the engine oil level gauge. It bothered me that this oil level gauge always seems to read at max full (2:00 position). I checked the ops manual and it notes how to check the engine oil level gauge function. First, it says that "when the car is at a standstill and the engine is warm, the needle should drop when the engine accelerates." This doesn't happen, the needle still stays at the full or 2:00 position, unless you're motoring down the highway and going thru the rpm range and gears under load. Then it will read down the gauge toward the 4:00 position and vary. Second, the ops manual says that "if the gauge reads maximum when the ignition is switched on (engine off), there is a fault in the gauge." The gauge does read full (again 2:00 position) with the ignition on.So any ideas? Bad gauge? Bad sensor?

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