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1997 993 Engine Sound


Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1997; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 70000;

Joel, I went through quite a few questions about enhancing the engine sound but did not find a complete answer for my question. I am on a limited budget and it sounds like my best option is to get the special Motorsound perforated airbox. It should run me around $150 and is easy to install. I spoke to parts guys at two different dealers and they were not much help (mentioned the whole kit with exhaust tips for $550, but offered a 15% discount). My questions:1. What is the part number for my 1997 C2 for the airbox only (the part guys were not able to find it)2. Do the exhaust tips enhance the engine sound on top of what the perforated airbox does (so it is even richer, deeper and/or louder)?3. I am assuming that if 1 and 2 above are still not enough, the last thing would be to play around with mufflers. Or the whole exhaust system? Will the new mufflers such as TechArt sport mufflers from GermanTech enhance the sound on top of airbox and tips, or if I have the new mufflers, airbox and tips are nuisance. Would you then recommend going after the mufflers without playing with airbox and tips? I understand that these particular mufflers would also give me some extra hp....Thanks,Jerry

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