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1997 993 lifter noise & exhaust donuts


Vehicle Information: Year: 1997; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 48,xxx;

After having my exhaust donuts replaced, my shop informed me that I have a dead lifter in the driver's side first (from front) cylinder. I had the donuts replaced because of the ticking to find out the donuts were just part of the problem. My shop said the job would take 20 hours to do @ over $100 per hour plus parts - they suggest dropping the engine to gain access to the lifter. Can this job be done with the engine in the car? I just bought this car - do I need to worry about the other lifters failing? Is there a way to prevent further failure short of replacing all the lifters? I looked for this car for over one year before I found this color and year in good condition and have immediately been slapped with expensive repairs. Do I need to get a second job just for maintaining my Porsche? Feel free to call with any suggestions. Thanks!Total Mileage: 48,xxxCar Use: Combination Street & Track

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