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1997 993 OBD II Check Engine Light


Vehicle Information: Year: 1997; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 31000;

As a quick report back on a check engine light problem I had this past summer. I took the car in to a very well respected local Porsche dealer. They were unable to read the codes, but was able to reset the engine light. The dealer's recommendation was to condemn the DME and replace it with a new one. No can do at $5k new. I dropped a note to Steve Weiner at Rennsport -- he called me back long distance at his cost and suggested that the reason that there was not a read is that the security button on the key fob was not pressed in to release the immobilizer. I then took the car to Autozone, pressed in the immobilizer switch, and they read the codes for me (for free).One code was a temperature switch, while the other the secondary air passage. We again reset the light. Based on your note, I then traced the temperature switch and noticed it was disconnnected! I replaced it anyhow. The check engine light hasn't come on since. Since the dealer charged me $250 for a read, and was unable to perform the requested service, made a flawed recommendation to replace the DME, I requested a credit for future work. The manager got extremely hostile and was in disbelief that his world class mechanic could make such a mistake as to forget to hit the immobilizer switch. We went round and round. Finally I gave up. My point of the story, is that in absence of an incredible support network from you and Steve Weiner at Rennsport, I would have been held hostage on this problem. A sincere round of applause to all you.State: ILBody Type: CabrioletModifications: ROW M030 Sport Suspension; RollbarTotal Mileage: 31000Car Use: Combination Street and Track

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