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1997 993 Secondary Air Injection


Vehicle Information: Model: C2S; Year: 1997; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 62,000;

I've read all the SAI postings and haven't run across this particular question, so here I go.I have the check engine light with the fault code for the left side SAI issue. I replaced the check valve (it was, as expected, badly coroded inside), I disconnected the exhaust and blew out the SAI ports with compressed air. A lot of junk came flying out (coroded metal? carbon? not sure what) All the ports had air flow, but the drivers side closest to the front was not flowing as well as the others. I reassembled the car and turned off the CE light. It was fine for about 3 days then the CE light came back on.Question- Is it likely that one port being partially clogged is triggering the fault code, or could there be pieces of the coroded check-valve stuck in the system? Also, is it possible to remove the little metal tubes that feed air from the pump to the engine with the engine still in the car? If so, could cleaning those out help? I'm trying to figure out whether I go back in again or bite the bullet for a top-end rebuild. Not burning much oil at the moment.

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