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1997 993 secondary air injection, valve guides, harness recall


Vehicle Information: Year: 1997; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 57,000;

You may recall that we exchanged some e-mails about a year ago about secondary air injection fault codes on my '97 993 Tiptronic coupe. The exchange ended when the light, surprisingly, went out. Not so surprisingly, it came on again a couple of months ago, also with a secondary air injection code. I decided to get the valve job now rather than wait when I remembered that I had an extended warrantee on the car which expired in early March. The car has 57,000 miles on it. Dial indicator reading of valve guide wear indicates clearance of .045 thousanths of an inch (over 1 mm). The air injection passages in the head were all clogged with carbon. I use this car as a daily commuter and have generally changed oil twice as frequently as the factory recommends, in part because of the short trips which the car usually takes. (By comparison, my '72 911T, which I bought new, is still running well at 115,000 miles and has never been apart. Of course it's always used a lot of oil and who knows what shape the valve guides are in?) I've been discussing with my mechanic whether to change the engine wiring harness, which has apparently been a problem area in these cars. Here is the information I have: These harnesses have been recalled on '95 and '96 993s. '97 and '98 cars have not been recalled. However, even if the harness in an earlier car was replaced with a factory new harness as recently as a year or so ago, the factory still wants to replace the harness under the recall. All of these harnesses have had the same part number until recently. However, as I understand it, this harness has now been superceded by one with a new part number. My mechanic's experience is that the harnesses in the '95 and '96 cars goes bad by 60,000 miles. He's replaced a couple of harnesses on '97 and '98 cars just based on his experience with the earlier cars and, on inspection, the old harnesses removed from these newer 993s have not shown the same problem. Given all of this, Don (my mechanic) is unsure of what to recommend, especially since the factory seems to have misgivings about replacement harnesses supplied as recently as a year or so ago. The question is, are the '97s exempt from the problem that the earlier cars had or should I go ahead and replace the harness while the engine is out on a stand? Do you think that these harnesses in newer 993s are likely to be subjected to recall at some time in the future? Thanks for your time and insight. Regards

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