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1997 993 Sway bar recommnedations - follow-up

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1997; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 13000;

Joel,Thanks so much. I am afraid I did a poor job of how I asked the question. First, I will describe the car - had PSS9's and a strut bar installed and the wheels cambered neg. 1.5 deg front and back. It was lowered to Cup height and then roughly aligned. I drove it (carefully) for a week to allow the suspension to settle and then it was corner weighted and re-aligned to final settings. Toe settings were left at Carrera spec.I love how the car drives now on the track (and the street BTW). It is tight and solid. No darting or bump steer. The only complaint is a little oversteer...that I labeled as a "loose backend" in my previous question. I got very use to the stock understeer. But now want to start experimenting and tweaking.The current sways are the US stock. I am looking to upgrade the sways to something I can grow into that are also adjustable...and consistent with what I have described above. So many choices and too much conflicting advice...which led to my question. I have a collegue who runs the the H&R 24/22 and love them...but I think his car is overbarred...I don't know what springs he is using.The choices appear to be RS sways (adjustable) but these are pricey. Many who run PSS9's seem to run TRG adjustable sways and are happy with them...but I think they are big. As I am new to all this, I want to upgrade my sways to give me something adjustable (yet something else to play with) that is not way beyond the PSS9's but brings it all together. From what I have read I need to target around 23/20...but I only want to do this once.Thanks for all your help. I hope others out there that are baffled by the sway bar choices can be helped by this also.

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