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1998 993 C4S Follow up to May 11 [ADDED PS at the end]

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Year: 1998; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 15,000;

This is a follow up to my May 11 questions concerning the set up of Euro M030 shocks/springs on my '98 C4S. Here is what I know after some further investigation.Listed below are the parts numbers of the shocks and springs that Andial sent me. Could you please confirm that these are correct part numbers. The shocks came in Porsche Original boxes with the part number information on them. The springs came bare.Front Shocks993 343 041 35993 343 042 35Rear Shocks993 333 051 35993 333 052 35Front Springs965 343 531 01Rear Springs993 333 531 11When I spoke to Andial, they said the front and rear wheel well openings are different on the 993 and so it is an "optical illusion" that the car has a nose up rake. They said the rake should be measured off the rocker line and not to pay any attention to the wheel well tire clearance. They also said the car should be corner balanced and that if necessary shims should be added to the rear shocks to get the correct corner balance/rake. I did not question them on whether there was a mistake in the parts they had sent me. I then spoke to the mechanic who did the work at the shop. He took me through everything he did. I think he was very thorough. He said that the front springs were progressive springs and that when he installed the front shocks the car had a very nose up rake. He had to lower the front shocks all the way down ( as you suggested) the full 1" just to get to where it is. He seemed surprised that he had to lower the front shocks all the way down. He said he measured all the shock lengths on the rack and all that looked correct. He said he measured the rake of the rocker line and that Porsche requires a 1/4 bubble (I think) and he achieved that. He didn't really see any point in doing corner balancing because of the lack of adjustability in the rear shocks. He didn't recommend using spacers on the rear shocks because he said they don't stay in place well. He suggested that I drive the car for a couple of weeks because the shocks do settle some and then I should bring it back and he would check everything again and put it on the corner scales.I have now driven the car 5 days and the shocks seem to have settled a little. On the most level surface I can find the top of the rear wheel wells are at 25 1/4" and the top of the front wheel wells are at 26". There is a 1/16th to 1/8th difference side to side which I assume is just the margin of variability. When I measure the the difference at the rocker line where the plastic rocker molding meets the body, on that line just in front of the rear tire is 8" and just behind the front tire is 8 1/4". So it appears that there is at least 1/4" of nose up rake on the car. I don't know if this translates to the same 1/4 bubble that the mechanic spoke of.I guess my three biggest questions are, did I get the correct springs and shocks from Andial, should the wheel well height be 25" all the way around (or is it different front and back as Andial says) and does Porsche really recommend a slightly nose up rake "1/4 bubble"?Sorry for the long email. Thanks again for your help

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