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1998 993 C4S removal of 4 tape cassettes holders


Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera; Year: 2001; Body Type: Cabriolet; Total Mileage: 25000;

You recently received a question about how to go about replacing the tape holders in the center console with the CD holder module. I had a similar question, which I sent to John Paterek (still waiting for a response), but I want to replace my CD holder module with the tray so that I can set my iPod and FM transmitter in it.Anyway, you really didn't give him directions on what to do to get the module out of the console, and it isn't evident to me how it is held in, so could you please elaborate. Also, if he would like to obtain my 4-CD tray module, I think I could make him a deal (assuming the 993 and 996 trays are interchangeable), if you would put him in touch with me. His question was posted on 1/25 with the same topic.Great job on the Q&A - I have put some of your reponses on our Regions web site on common topics like the RMS and 993 valve guide problems, and I promote the Tech Section quite a bit in the Region.

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