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1998 993 C4S Sport seat hard back painting - upholstery removal


Vehicle Information: Model: C4S; Year: 1998; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 15,200;

I have the hard back factory sport seats. I'm interested in changing the hard back color from the stock metalflake black to my body color. I want to do it right, removing the leather upholstery from the hard back to paint it rather than masking the upholstery.I'm looking for information about removal and replacement of the upholstery. No local resources have ever done it. I have read message board posts about these covers sliding off and having to be pushed back on occasionally. My sport seats are pristine and don't have this problem. I don't want to create one where none exists so will not take any action unless I know exactly what to do.The upholstery appears to be held to the hard back by a mechanism sewn to the leather that slides onto and grips the edge of the hard back from both sides. I'd like to know the specific procedure for removing the upholstery and replacing it and what problems one might encounter. A referral to an expert in the Dallas area would be appreciated as well. Thanks!

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