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1998 993 check engine light, engine failure


Vehicle Information: Model: 993; Year: 1998; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 38000;

check engine light (cel) has been on for a year and dealer said it is not a problem unless it is blinking, one day driving aroung home i hear a knocking on the engine, stop, tow it to dealer, rep. said if it is an engine all sorts of lights would be illuminated on the dashboard, only the cel was on. servie guy starts the car and says i blew a rod, he then drove it to his service bay9he shouldn't of drove it) says i was low on oil, how can they be so sure that's what caused it when the couldn't figure out why the cel has been on for a year, didn't do a compression test, refill w/oil never told me if there was metal in the oil,etc. cost $5,000 just to pull engine to tell me what was wrong, could cost up to $25,000 tey say. no oil light ever came on. wrote porsche na, got back standard letter out of warranty give you $2,500 for a car, called back talked to supervisor they are pulling my repair history. supervisor admitted car should not be driven w/ cel on , as the manual says. anyway the car engine blew because of the cel being on w/o the dealer solving that issue and letting me drive? thanks

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