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1998 993 lowered at factory? Or are springs sagging?

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Year: 1998; Body Type: Targa; Total Mileage: 22,500;

I'm the proud owner of a '98 993 Targa which, according to its Authentication Certificate, came from the factory with its current add-ons-- carbon fiber interior, front/side/back spoilers, sport seats, etc. The car also looks like it has been lowered, particular in the back . . maybe an inch or so difference from the front. According to multiple mechanics, it shows no signs of being lowered after-market, though . . .Questions: Is there a possibility that Porsche lowered it at the factory? Or, is it possible that my back springs are sagging? If the latter, how serious ($$) a repair would it be to correct?Thanks in advanceTotal Mileage: 22,500Car Use: Street use only

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