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1999 911 C2 996 Slow to crank when hot


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 C2 996; Year: 1999; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 61000;

Forgive me if you receive this twice. When I clicked submit I was brought to a sign on page so I dont know if my question was sent or not.Ive been having problems with my car cranking when the engine is hot. It starts fine when the engine is cold but if I try to start the car after it has warmed up it cranks real slow and then stops cranking all together. Waiting a few minutes seems to help but it still turns over slowly. While the engine is running the Voltmeter reads 14 but reads 12 when just the ignition is turned on. I first noticed the problem after I got my car back from the body shop (rear ended while at a standstill and a whole other nightmare). They told me Porsches are known for killing batteries if not used regularly and they had to jump start the car. When I arrived home from the body shop (60 mile trip) I tried to start the car and it wouldnt crank. I put the battery on to charge but after a few hours there was only enough juice to turn the engine over once. So I figured it was time to replace the battery. I think it was the original battery.The next day a bought a new Porsche battery. The problem returned after a few weeks. At that time I checking the fluid level in the battery and noticed it was quite low. I filled the battery with water and charged it. This did not fix the problem. I brought my car to the Porsche dealer in Mobile, Al for the 60,000 mile checkup and asked that they check the system. They said they tested the alternator, starter and the battery and found nothing wrong. They said I would need to leave the car with them for a few days to troubleshoot the problem. I decided to buy another battery, but not a Porsche battery this time. Better to pay $65 for a new battery than $102 per hour for tech time and not have the use of my car for a week. The car cracked fine for about 4 weeks before the problem returned. I bought a new charger that turns off when the battery is fully charged to make sure that I wouldnt cook the battery. After a few minutes the battery is fully charge. I brought my car to Auto Zone and had them check it with there machine and it checked out fine so I dont think its the battery. What could cause this problem? Do you think the rear end collision could have caused this problem? Have you heard of this problem before? Are there any specific tests to run? Thanks

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